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Creativity Corner #1: Just Jar L-O-V-E

Hello and welcome to the first session of


Since I am done planning a wedding (whoo-hoo) I need to push forward my “creativity needs” into a creativity corner.  But it can also be a big room, garage, an outside patio, you know, whatever works for you. I like corners, though.


Let me get specific here, I love GLASS JARS. I love to recycle and make a new use for something with a previous use. Basically, glass jars are a FREE container you have left over, after your pasta sauce, cold beverage or maybe when a jar of jam is done. It’s the prize you get after finishing whatever was in the jar. Congratulations, here is a free jar.


Recycle. Save, wash and re-use those jars. How to wash and clean jars ready for use: soak in warm water, use a scrubbing sponge to remove any glue from the label residue. Depending on what was inside, you might need to soak it overnight.


  1. SALAD IN A JAR: Most popular thing is a salad in a jar. Instead of a flimsy plastic container that will last a month, or even less (that you will dump out and throw out)! You can put all of your salad needs into a jar, shake it up and voilá! It’s a salad in a jar.

  2. COFFEE/SUGAR/TEA IN A JAR Coffee! Sugar! Tea! If you grind your coffee, all those left over bits, can go into a jar. Or just grind some coffee and save it in a jar for a few days, saves you time in the morning. Your bag of sugar is falling apart? Put the sugar in a jar! All those tea bags you have all over the place? Make a jar of various teas, then close your eyes and pick a tea bag out of a jar! Live your life on the edge, one tea cup at a time.

  3. COINS IN A JAR: You know they are all over the places, just throw it in the jar. Then after a few months, go to Coinstar and claim your ca$h! Treat yourself for being a good recycler!

  4. PLANTS IN A JAR: Plant a seed and see it grow out of your jar. You might see some roots too! More sun can reach the dirt as well. Decorate the jar first to make your own “jar pot.”

  5. DRINK OUT OF A JAR: Why get a fancy glass, or even what I got one of and seen is a glass jar with a handle for drinking, when you can re-use for yourself? BEST PART IS DECORATE YOURSELF!

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