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Monday Mantra #1: “Be Yourself”

I am a big believer of the universal laws connecting all of us together. I have experienced and felt it personally. Every fiber of our being is connected to the world around us. [A movie that reminds me of this universal connection is The Tree of Life (2010)] I practice meditative thought or “meditation” to keep that connection strong. My thoughts affect the world. My thoughts emanate for world peace. We often remain grounded with worry due to everyday things such as: making a living, paying bills, achieving some kind of “standard” of success or even a standard of what life should be like. This is a place where that changes, of course if you let it.

This is where Monday Mantra begins.  It is the inner voice theme of the week for your mind.  Taking that moment on Monday, any time of the day, to center yourself. You don’t have to meditate in the traditional sense to do this. I think taking a moment to yourself and keeping good, centering thoughts in your mind, on a repeat, is a way of “meditation.” I want to make sure your “repeat thoughts” are good for you, hence the theme.  This inner voice theme will influence your attitude and maybe let you decide how bad or good your week will turn out – ultimately the choice is YOURS. There is no rules for how often you remind yourself of it – simply just know that you hold the power over your thoughts which create your actions. Actions change the world around you.


For a long time I have wanted to start a blog where I can share with others ideas that hopefully can change someone’s day.  I am not Magdalena if I don’t affect someone’s life in a positive way because my life is fuller knowing that I can make a difference.

My practice of changing lives started after I joined AmeriCorps VISTA for a year of my life back in 2009. Aside from the experience itself affecting me directly, it’s sometimes who you know that changes everything forever. I met some amazing people in my AmeriCorps year and through their shoes have started to see the world differently. Each of them that I have met, have changed me simply because they accepted themselves for who they are. Now, I want to do the same. I cannot meet or see all of you right now, so I write this blog to infiltrate the web with my ideas.

What does being yourself mean to you? 

1. Write/think of/yell out loud….a word or two, or a paragraph that describes you….. to YOU. Not to your family or your friends, who are you when you are alone, driving down the highway listening to your music or walking down the street to the grocery store, who is that person inside that body?

2. What do you do daily, weekly or monthly to upkeep that inner You? Why or why not?

3. Who do you want to become as a person and what steps are you going to take to get there? We are evolving so the you this week will be different next week, at least that is the hope that we don’t remain the same. Life changes us and we change the life around us.

I believe questions can sometimes trigger something within ourselves and so some questions won’t have answers. The act of inquiry will naturally lead to a reflective state of mind. In that reflection is where we can find our true selves.

~Be Yourself~ Magdalena

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