• Magdalena Reilly

Monday Mantra #10: Building the New

Every day and night, our body goes through a cycle.  Old cells die. New cells are born. We get nourishment, we replenish, we sleep to balance the mind, body and soul and to detox from the day.

How about our life? Do we do this daily, receiving new thoughts, starting new paths, buildings our new selves?

Well, we should.

Each day this week, do something different to stimulate “doing something new” just to see how it feels on a daily basis. For me,  some I can do alone and some I can do with others around.

Routine is boring. Not following routine does not mean you lose all sense of responsibility. The idea is to have fun with life and just doing something small, differently, each day for a few days. Your future brain will thank you.

Having this kind of openness to the new, brings more opportunities to your life, keeps your state of mind in an imaginative mode and actually makes you feel happier more often and for longer.

Here is my list that I completed last week:

  1. Used my cellphone in my other hand so then I used it less.

  2. Took a new route to a place I go to every day. Work, gym, park etc. If you can, walk, bike or take public transit then try to look at the people and or the surroundings.

  3. Sat alone with myself somewhere where I felt relaxed and thought about my day.

  4. Nap. I just fell asleep mid-day when I was tired and made sure nothing was cooking in the kitchen.

  5. Read a physical book. Read for hours.

  6. Listened to new music I found through an artist I already like for a whole day. Sing along if you want to. By all means, shake that groove thing!

  7. Watched a new movie not typically in my taste. Then found something I liked and hated about it. Then recommended it.

  8. Found a class to go to. Something I like that I haven’t done before. I did not know what to expect.

  9. Talked to someone on the phone and just enjoyed a real conversation, hearing their voice on the other end making me laugh.

  10. I had lunch with people I don’t see often and enjoyed their company…… Make a list yourself and share it with others…..

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