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Monday Mantra #12: Focus MORE, Distract LESS

It’s no longer April Fool’s Day — I can officially declare I have been off of Facebook for two-months (this post will probably automatically post to Facebook for me) and I begrudgingly admit that I have been using it since 2006. The past two months, all I could think about is why I have spent so much time on there and regretting the time I had lost (most of my golden 20’s — I am 32.)

Just like any detox, the social media kind is a harsh reality to come by. I know the positive aspects of social media, when applied right, it can assist artists, local businesses or even fundraising causes (all of which I have participated in one form or another.)

I just cannot shake how it has taken my life away.

By month two, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started thinking how I can benefit from the time I have now to my advantage.  To backtrack,

I wanted to see if being off of Facebook (and some other social media platforms) would help me focus more, and feel distracted less.

Luckily for me and my sanity social experiment, there have been benefits:

  1. My neck has stopped hurting as much (less time spent looking down at a phone)

  2. When the neck pain has eased, I then started looking up more and doing neck stretches.

  3. Looking up more I started to see the world around me and appreciate some aspects of my local neighborhood.

  4. Seeing where I live and the beautiful nature has prompted me to go out outside and explore the beginning of Spring.

  5. Being in nature has balanced my moods, reset my anxiety and washed over me with waves of calm.

You see, I had a hard time getting stuff done and focusing on my life goals and what daily steps I need to take to get there.  Social media made me sleep less (phone light glaring at my face in the evenings), built anxiety over comparing my life status with where everyone else I know is (sounds cliché but the psychology of our mind knows it to be true) and feeling both sleepless and anxious, I just walked on all fours through life. Barely alive and kicking, just getting by. Sounds extremely exaggerated; it’s how it felt a lot of the time.

Once I gave myself a new perspective rather than the Social Media Reality screen; I began to see myself in the life that I actually want to live. When we sometimes cannot control the politics of our government, the unfair wages of society, and the discrimination of races — we can control the daily reality of our personal life. Go make it a day worthwhile – call up a friend, hug a family member and just enjoy the present moment without worrying about tomorrow.

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