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Monday Mantra #13: Every day is a chance to be your Best Self

I recently found something I wrote during my three-month trip in Europe back in 2016. It was written two years ago around this time. I was traveling , sight seeing and making my first short documentary film guerilla filmmaking style — without a moment to waste.  I was simply living in hour to hour, week to week.

Today, I am thinking how “don’t you just love when something you wrote yourself, is a perfect reminder for your now future self?”

What if we know today, what has yet to be tomorrow?

I remember I was in Budapest, Hungary inside a studio apartment via AirBnb with the windows wide open, seeing Spring in full bloom for the first time (after living in California for years, I did not see any seasons at all up to this point) feeling weak, sporting a raspy voice, and eyes watering my cheeks, instead of walking around exploring, was stuck inside to think about my travels. In retrospect, the sickness came at a right time.

“After 47 days on the road, there is one thing I know to be true..

..time is something to be treasured. It goes by quick. Life is short. Smile more. Laugh a lot and worry less. There is always something wrong or unfair in our lives, it will always be there. Death. Health problems. Far away family. Some sort of sadness, heartache, or big problem….it’s there…and it’s up to you, to change and control your thoughts. Make your thoughts smile, tell them positive happy things. Enjoy the little things. Share yourself with others.

The kind of sharing I mean to impose, is the one that makes us all feel connected and human. Often time, social media can make us enemies or judge our lives without even speaking to each other; maybe in your daily life share something with someone — just cause, to make a friend, to make a co-worker’s day, to make a neighbor smile or to just be an example that we can still exist in the realness of the world.

That being human is not as evil as we often time see in politics, in how our environment is destroyed — because those people are out there — however, there are far more humans who are humble, kind and caring who will survive to see the world thrive. We need more people like you.

Every day is a chance to be your best self.

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