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Monday Mantra #14: Discomfort is good for you

We usually want comfort in our life: the word itself sounds like a warm blanket wrapped up around our mind, soft and fuzzy — it is a safe place. Life is already complicated with its own obstacles. We want safety and security, right? We battled enough in the world that we deserve a cave of food, warmth and enough money to keep the lights on.

Here are reasons why discomfort is good for you, too.

For the you that will shine and change the world. For the you that you were meant to be. For the life you dream of to become reality.

Whenever I think of examples where I went above and beyond my own capabilities, beyond my skill level, and kept going, pushing, believing in a vision that has not truly made sense yet — all of this happened in discomfort.

Discomfort challenges the mind.

Think about that day at work when you had to make a presentation and no one has truly heard you speak before?  Or in school when you got called on to answer a question and surprised yourself and your peers with an answer you didn’t think you knew.

[Insert your own ‘wow’ moment here]

M i n d   b l o w i n g

As a lover of the physical brain itself, yes, that gray jello stuff inside our skulls — I am believer that life experiences can hack, override even, our fears.

Physical actions in a physical world are the key to obtaining to your goals, dreams, and desires. Dreaming up goals in our minds or writing down steps is not enough.

Essentially, discomfort is just like jumping into cold water.

We can live a life that makes us happy because we are willing to take the risks in discomfort to get there.

Okay, but some people need to plan ahead first, then are more willing to take risks. That is fine too, as long as actions occur. I talk to many people these days who talk about doing something and then I never hear them talk about how they actually did something.

Currently as I am writing my first novel, I found this quote that spoke to me:

Don’t be a writer; Be Writing.

I think the same applies to any aspect of your life and everyone has so much mind chatter, we forget to just do.

{Meditation, yoga, running, reading, taking breathing breaks = all help with decreasing ‘mind chatter’}

Wishing you a discomfort in your life because I want you to grow and be the best self you can be.

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