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Monday Mantra #15: Seek, Inspire, Begin

The power of three has always been my go-to pneumonic device. The reason we are drawn to it is because life has three stages: youth, adulthood and old-age. The body, mind and soul. The forces of nature: Earth, Fire and Water. You can find your own meaning from examples in your own life. The Triquetra is a three-cornered shape. In Ireland’s ancient culture, this shape is also the Trinity Knot (sometimes called the Irish Love Knot), which also does not have an exact true meaning; there are multiple applications of this symbolic image.

Lately, I have been seeking inspiration to begin a new journey in my life. I thought it would be a good mantra and a visual aid for anyone who is changing paths, needing a new outlook, feeling stuck in one place or thinking life has scantily felt like the same old, same old.


You know that feeling is not going away, “am I capable?”  Those thoughts of “why not?”  You are seeking. Your mind is drawn to new concepts. You suddenly have ideas boiling up. You seem distant to family and friends. Some part of you is literally reaching out. You are outside of yourself.

1. Nature/Exercise/Travel: Go outside. Get moving. Nature has always given me the answers I needed. Sounds apparent that being outside, talking a walk, running, and biking would make anyone feel good. After taking a course in neuroscience, there is actually a reason why walking and emotions go hand in hand. The physical act of moving your feet clears up any thoughts and emotions lingering inside. Suddenly you have clarity of the next steps ahead.


With new found reason, you want to get some answers and find out how to get moving to your next steps. With a spark of clarity, there is room for knowledge. Your mind wants to expand. Your mind is thirsty. You owe it to yourself to fulfill this need.

2. Books/Internet/Research: I often time research topics on the interest I am pursuing and read. Read as much as I can, in book form (the library is free), on the internet and researching anything and everything related to the topic. Whatever it is that is not leaving you, your mind, immerse yourself in its world.


You do not need permission to begin. There has to come a point where the knowledge you have gathered is enough to start. The inspiration you had has now been given the chance to grow, to be birthed. Give it life. No one said it would be easy, however, for the change to occur in your life, this is the hardest hurdle to overcome. Keep pushing. Repeat, “seek & inspire” during your beginnings. This is the triquetra at work.

3. Connect/Social/Exchange: When you begin, find a support system. Your “buddy” that will check in with you. Your spouse or family member who you can depend on when goings get tough. When you want to turn around and change your mind. Exchange ideas with people. Find a social network of people working toward the same goal as you. As much as modern day wants you to believe that life is a competition, we are all in this together. Feel free to connect with me. I am currently working on a novel. This is my exchange with you.

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