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Monday Mantra #16: Being Patient

Being patient has not always been a strong quality of mine. Even before the era of social media and instant notifications, I needed to know sooner than later – A.S.A.P. being my mindset.

As I have discovered and applied minimalism in my life, appreciation for the outdoors and nature, and creating a life of anti-consumerism (think: buying less, buying less new stuff; buying used.) the impatient button has actually grown-up! I have realized what taking it all in, living in the moment truly feels like.

Patience is not overnight.

Patience is possible.

Patience makes us humble, honest and human.

These are some of the ways I have adopted into my life to remind me to Be Patient:

  1. READING: Read about the lives of other people. Reading builds up empathy and compassion. Reading puts us in other people’s shoes. It takes us out of our bodies and away from our problems and stresses. On my Podcast – my recent PODisode is about books!

  2. MOVING YOUR BODY: I recently started walking a minimum of 2 miles a day (1.6 km), as daily as drinking a cup of coffee, this is my daily requirement. No excuses. If I can, I run 2-3 miles every couple of days (when I don’t walk or even on days of walking.) I noticed my moods balancing and getting better sleep. With better sleep I noticed more patience.

  3. MUSIC/ART THERAPY: I mean this in a non-conventional sense. Basically, listen to your favorite tunes just cause; find some crafts to do, or make something from scratch! (Crafts, Cooking, a Card, anything!) and just appreciate that time with yourself. 

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