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Monday Mantra #17: The only rush you need is of JOY

Since my last Monday Mantra post in 2018, I wrote about reading, moving your body and doing some kind of creative therapeutic acts to aid in your over-all well being. Plus add more of your favorite things!

I have been off the blog doing just that. Then came few realizations that I wanted to make permanent in the blog-o-sphere, yet again.

Rushing has been a big, annoying, slithering, son of a gun act of mine that if there were an award for such an act, I would be it’s most likely recipient.

Once, rushing to the subway (or metro, depending where you live) I literally fell down on my knees, with a backpack of books and a laptop, slap flat on the pavement. With a shredded jeans leg, bloody knee cap, I continued running to make it on time to my college class. In fact, most of my prime college years, and shortly after, felt like the worst sailing experience with winds rushing through my hair, my heart never stopping long enough to feel calm of the sea. I always felt more alive in storms.

With that said, what have I learned? Clearly not a lot as I often still do this, to myself, to make myself the most miserable apparently. (I recently learned that some people can do more in one hour of rushing than if they spread projects out throughout the whole day….? Looking for articles to back this up.)

However, not all my life is futile. I learned how to slow down after being a rushing maniac. This is were, reading, moving my body, and creativity come into play. Doing all of those has taught me to be in the moment.

Thus, being in the moment, noticing everything as is, without thinking back on my mistakes, or thinking about what I need to do a year from now, I focus on the NOW. This brings me a sense of calm, in between the storms, high winds and bloody knees.

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