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Monday Mantra #2: “Don’t Stop…Believin”

I don’t like to be cliché. However, I wanted to really say it today but feel free to sing it out loud as well and for the rest of this week:


I mean it. Understand the words. I am also making a reference. If you’re not familiar, this is an overly played Journey song, often sung at karaoke. By the way, Americans pronounce “karaoke” wrong (click here to hear it correctly)  and in case you wanted to learn a little more of something else today, “karaoke” in Japanese …

…. is a word formed from putting two Japanese words together. “Kara” that comes from Karappo and means empty and “Oke”, shortened from Okesutura meaning “orchestra”. So Karaoke means empty orchestra.”

I actually had a dream last night which inspired today’s blog. Neil Young, who is a passionately political musician, activist, environmentalist and philanthropist — whose book I am also reading as well “Waging Heavy Peace” – visited me while I was sleeping. Yes….yes, he did. We were taking a stroll in another Universe filled with dreams, and it was then he gave me life advice:

 If you believe it, IT IS REAL.If you don’t, IT STOPS EXISTING.

I truly need this mantra for this week, this month and this lifetime. I am getting married in less than two weeks, a lot of things I normally would feel okay with, suddenly feel unnaturally chaotic. My career right now is in an upside down mode. Frankly, there IS NO CAREER. Raise your hand if your job is A JOB. That might be 85-90% people reading this. Another blog post on this later about finding your inner true self.

So we need to own up to our beliefs, simple right?

I find that in today’s society, there is such an easy way to distract yourself from what you really want to dedicate your time to. [INSERT LIST OF DISTRACTIONS HERE]. This goes back full circle to the first post I wrote about “BEING YOURSELF”- once that is affirmed, your belief system, your thoughts will lead to actions and actions will become reality.

The reason I think it is important to continue to believe (in yourself, in your passions or in your preferred reality…etc.) is because this WORLD TODAY NEEDS NEW FRESH IDEAS. It needs art that goes beyond anything we’ve experienced so far because the world is

  1. so ugly (destruction of rain forests),

  2. so square (the non-creative styles in art, music, movies, fashion of today or lack there of ) and often time,

  3. too predictable (lot of things are recycled over and over and yet we never learn.)

We need HONEST, DEEP, UNIVERSAL and TRANSCENDENT….. people art experiences lives worlds

Aside from taking nature walks, I often find inspiration from people that do and act upon the things in which they believe.

Such as Neil Young.

I think a lot of what society dictates to us (why does it do that anyhow? What if we stop listening?) is that ideas/things/people have to be MOLDED to meet SOCIETAL STANDARDS. Knowing a lot of artists growing up, I find that the ones who truly stand by their creations (shout outs: Laura Meoli-Ferrigon and T. Sterling Watson), in whatever area that might be, simply don’t care. The lack of care of outside influences that is. Creating simply to create not because there is a mold and not because they are paid to fit that mold.

I believe in you, do you believe in me? This buddy system helps people like us, who know deep down there is more to life than the 9-5…. who understand the need to share their passions…the need to create… the need to exist beyond the physical body — because let’s face it, what remains after we die are the creations of our actions…..so please for the love of humanity:


(And now a song from Neil Young)

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