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Monday Mantra #3: Trick or Treat Yourself

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice,

That is what I wish For You.

Please choose a fine trick from my bag of rice,

Or a treat will be of choice to You!

If you are in the northern hemisphere (except San Diego, California) there might be some cooler temperatures coming your way as it is Autumn! Autumn, I say!

I stole this from the internet. How beautiful!

Leaves falling, some wind or occasional rain? It’s the beginning of big sweaters and more excuses to avoid exercise till January 1st. Then, you smell Pumpkin Spice Drinks all over town (Please click here to find out why I don’t support Starbucks.) There is orange stuff everywhere. If you have a fear of the color orange, please don’t go outside from mid of September till the end of November.

Well so what’s the deal with trick or treating being only for kids? Let’s talk about this. I am an adult, where I get to decide more of my life now, than I did when I was a kid…..right? Tricks are for kids, said the silly rabbit. So can I treat myself?

Yes, yes you can!

This monday is a reminder that as BUSY, SLAVING, HARD-WORKING ADULTS WHO ARE BUSY PAYING OFF (insert your misery filled debt here) and FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM OF PERSONAL CHOICE IN THIS…..C-O-U-N-T-R-Y…..

We need to treat ourselves Who else knows best what you need than yourself? So whatever it is that you have been putting off, it’s go time for YOU TIME. After your treat, give all the tricks to the kids and let that treat be the way for a merry you for the holidays!

Ho-ho-ho, happy treatin’

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