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Monday Mantra #4: When you Know, You Know (A compass of the human soul)

The past few months I have been truly sad, floating on a piece of driftwood without direction, no wind, no sails, trying to survive on what I could find with my resourceful techniques while remaining open minded and afloat. As I prepared everything in order to get married, I was very concerned about the direction of my life, as there was none. I was drawn to the two things that always make me feel better: writing (this blog) and being creative (photography and crafting.) While writing this blog, I have purged my life inside out and literally dumped out old notes, books and etc. I have kept for over ten years. This gave me some self-insight into my past and my present self.

Why has it been years, months, weeks and days of thinking and analyzing the direction of my life. Essentially what I already knew in 1997! This blog post is 18 years in the making…..because:

Who do I want to be when I grow-up: A WRITER!

I knew this for sure when in 2011 I created an idea for a novel for NaNoWrimo and it has been baking into an in depth story ever since. My goal is to flesh it out during this year’s NaNoWrimo. There are many kinds of writers and ironically for me, I have realized I stopped writing for fun a while ago. Life got busy with working to pay bills, also the same time my soul submerged into living hell! This blog forces me to write and to practice putting down ideas, even if they are not perfect.

This is what I see on my wall, EVERY MORNING.

If you suffer from perfectionism like myself,  well I understand. The goal is to do it and to move on. Practice makes perfect. This is practice. At the same time, English is not my first language and I might not know all the SAT vocabulary words, but this is not going to stop me from writing. Just do it your way, your style.

When you know, you know ……….. (insert anything you were often time unsure of in your career or love life)

Essentially, there is an inner part of us, a compass of the human soul, that somehow directs us without truly asking our mind about it. This is because what we are drawn to, the things that move us, we cannot really often time explain….why…it usually is a good sign. Our mind is this thinking, analyzing component that often time can interfere with the compass. After all it can also steer us as well.

However, it is when we are connected with the mind, body and heart that all energies align together to reveal yourself to YOU.

Why do I love and need to write down notes about everything? I think in novel form. My thoughts constantly form as if there is a story happening in my life while I am living it. I love words and sounds of words being spoken. I love to read and re-read quotes and passages that move me. I love books, oh the sounds of the typewriter and the smell of bookstores. I have a CLOSET of books. I have words taped to my walls to remind me of what is so easy to forget.

There are elements of our lives that define who we are. We can train and learn to do new things for fun and to aide in the growth of the compass of the human soul, and in the end, if something is not “fitting” or seeming “right” we move on right?

Is it my destiny to…? Was I meant to be…?

YES, YES, YES! Believe it, this is you, you were meant to be 🙂

Of course it’s not all one sided or this easy, or just one interest that can guide you forward. Sometimes you have to work in one career to realize why you were meant elsewhere. Everyone has their own path of getting there. I am still a photographer, something I learn more of every day even though it’s been twelve years since I found out I am good at it and love it immensely. I won’t stop doing photography to do more writing. In fact, things you love usually compliment each other.

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF: (see what comes to mind first):

  1. When you don’t notice time passing by, what are you doing?

  2. If you had money to buy anything you wanted right now, what would it be and why?

  3. When you have free time, what’s the first thing you cannot wait to do?

  4. When you look up things online and follow certain blogs/pages on Facebook, is there a theme of what you like?

  5. If you could do anything you wanted today and not go to your “usual” job, what would it be?

If you want to share your answers and your story of your path or when YOU KNEW, YOU KNEW, I would love to hear it here or e-mail me: reilly.magdalena@gmail.com 

Yes, this is in my shower! Surround yourself with words that inspire you.

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