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Monday Mantra #5: You Can Go Your Own Way

This week could be the copy of the same old last week. But…maybe this week might be completely different than last. Who controls that?

I was in Canada last week, and in New York City, the week before. My husband and I were living in the moment for almost three months. We escaped the daily grind to travel Europe to make a documentary film called: Low White Sky

Us Magical

My home country of Poland in March, 2016

It was not easy, it was not overnight. We risked everything we had to go our own way.  (Yes, we put our life in storage, sold our car and entrusted our cat to a family member.) Just like anyone standing on the edge of their own demise, don’t you want to stand up for your right to live the life you want? If not politically are we able to influence as much as we would like, then personally, we must own our right to live and create the life we want.

What does going your own way entail? Write that shit down! Make a life list. Sounds archaic but it works.  This is all we did for a while.

  1. Write everything in that head of yours…take a moment and just write/type it all out, no judgements.

  2. Then, as if you had it all out of your system, theorize the steps or decisions you need to deal with to start on your path. Again, don’t let money or other people affect the steps, just write as if it was all possible.

  3. Take a leap and start swimming for your life, the life you know is worth fighting for…

Okay, sounds extreme, but really, how do you do it?  I was traveling for 80 days straight and being someone who overthinks decisions and backs away from a lot of opportunities,

There is something magical that constant travel embeds in your soul.

What is that magic? More so, it’s that calmness that you’re not thinking of success, or the results of your “whatever” you’re doing.

You’re just doing what you love in the moment.

Basically, tomorrow doesn’t matter. Chasing trophies and accolades is as empty as the life you might be living now.

Even if you can’t drop everything like we did and start on your new journey, just taking away the pressure of being judged or valued by the future that might not even truly exist, is enough and a big step to take.

It’s cliche and I will say it anyway:

The journey is more important than the destination.

Hope I rambled enough because hey, you know what?

You Can (also) Go Your Own Way.

Start, now!

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