• Magdalena Reilly

Monday Mantra #6: Less is More, more or less.

Living Life in the Moment

I don’t have a permanent address and my life “stuff” that I have gathered over the years is currently in storage.  Occasionally when I go there to fish out an old hoodie or my dusty tennis rackets, I wonder, what the hell is all this stuff? If it caught fire tomorrow, would I miss it? My old dark room negatives, my certificates of achievement, my rollerblades,…seriously, does that define me?

As a vagabond, I live in a state of impermanence. Does owning stuff mean our lives are more permanently significant?

I hate stuff.

Being an environmentalist and minimalist, seeing too much of anything begins to nauseate me.

The Earth sadly reeks of stuff.

However, we cannot control the dumpster our planet has become. Are our thoughts the only control we have? Do Less junky thoughts of irrelevance turn to More thoughts of deeper significance?

After my last move and putting stuff in boxes, I am marrying myself to my promise, of

Less is More. More or Less.

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