• Magdalena Reilly

Monday Mantra #8: There’s more to You, than You

If you know me, you might have heard that I talk about “hating the 9-5” idea, simply to LIVE, to EAT, to PAY BILLS.

Some say, have said, keep saying, that I am immature. I am irresponsible and that I need to grow up. I need to save up for a future mortgage (Ha!) or that I need to have a baby (No Comment.)

But they misunderstood and seriously, a lot of misunderstanding  envelops the “who and what an adult does/is.”

If you take yourself seriously, are professional about some aspect of your life and are absolutely passionate about that, then according to me, that’s the kind of “adulting” I respect.

The “9-5” is a metaphor I use of the slavery to the system. That’s all I don’t like.

I know myself. I am a creative soul. I tried and tried but I cannot be trapped in the metaphor of the “9-5” any longer.

This doesn’t mean, I cannot work or that I am lazy, I really can and do it with excellence.

My issue is that:

There is more to you, than you.

Most every day life, does not reflect that. I just think that people should embrace their extra unique self and develop it.

The world is brighter, full of tunes, when we boycott the mundane.

I want to encourage people to go beyond their comfort zones of reality. This is my focus of now, this month and this year and as long as I live.

We are all able to contribute so many beautiful things to this world and now is a time like no other.

Let the YOU-ness, begin.

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