• Magdalena Reilly

Story #1: The Autobot

In a moment of total concentration, a peaceful flow of energy in my mind, a voice interrupted a world of delightful harmony.

“I am the only hard-working employee here,” said a man with a beer bellied voice, and blonde-red spiked hair.

I looked at him wondering if his words matter to him, when to me, they mattered none. That awful pause of a silence when you know someone else is awaiting a reply, or not? I mumbled.

“People get really comfortable and give-up.” I said affirming to myself that it would end the conversation, guaranteed.

Some people continue talking, whether or not there is anyone listening. People walk forward through life without worrying about happiness or goals.

The Autobot: a merciless logorrhea inflicted human, wasting time, contributing waste to the world, a life that means nothing to no one and a life lived by a nobody.

An existence that will go unnoticed. Not even a speck of light in the sky, it ended before it began.

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