• Magdalena Reilly

Story #16: Forever Fall

An ending with a beginning.

The fall season brought with it the rot that had lived inside her heart. Guilt written thoughts waiting for the leaves to fall, regurgitating in her guts. Rainfall to wash away the past and the cold stiff air to awaken the senses of the moment. Moving forward an action dictated by the autobot; refused by manual sensations.

“I’ve been here before” she thought, struggling to zip up her jacket and searching for her house keys. Thinking this feeling of disarray becoming a common character in her not so abundant life.

Life seasons continue to rotate and repeat. Spinning Moons around our minds, continue to flood us with the high and lows.

“I just wish things were different, better somehow” she almost muttered loudly waiting in line to pay for this weeks worth of groceries.

As soon as we get it, we lose it. As soon as we lose it, we often retrieve it. It’s a game of give and receive and get and get lost.

A beginning with an ending.

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