• Magdalena Reilly

Story #4: Adrenaline Junkie

Crackle and pop of a record plays into the the afternoon breeze. Windows wide open, the sounds of music emanating into the world. A sense of calm envelops the room, as he lay there, reminiscing about the past.

A doorbell rings. He springs up to put on his pants, buttons up crookedly, his last clean shirt. The buzz-“ZZ”-ing sound irritates his ear hairs, pinches his mood into a sour feeling. Stumbling over worn out shoes, cigarette butts and beer bottles, he opens the door.

There is no one there. His mind resting, trying to find meaning, when chaos tries to break into the home. When adventure seeks you out. When there is more to this day, than just this day.

His pupils dilated from excitement, he lights up a cigarette. The smoke as empty and meaningless as it started, waves itself out the room with the wobbly spinning of the vinyl.

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