• Magdalena Reilly

Story #7: A Flattering; then Feeling Flat

An air of laughter fills the room; celebration is often a slow-motion Kodak moment that suddenly dissipates into the air like a puff of cigarette smoke. Leaving an evidence of residue as everyone gathers their coats, shoes and flutters on home. Celebrations bring one person in the spotlight, receiving all the pomp and circumstance that one can afford in friends and fellow acquaintances. It’s a social matter practiced rather quintessentially.

Rooms brightened with ambient orange light, illuminating champagne soaked lips with a glistening of hope. Vibrating with heart beats whose joy is either equated or fabulated. For what is a lie if not a story we tell ourselves.

Stories shared and promises exchanged. Celebratory occasions bring the best of our intentions forward, everything appearing prim and proper, without conflict. Yet conflicting with our inner intentions.

Never, have I ever felt a flattering without then feeling flat – a doubt filled string of strong willed thoughts tied together by an emptiness so cold, a ghost would not even abide.

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