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Wednesday Wellness #2: Reflections of Life: Signed, Sealed and Married

It’s been a busy couple of weeks…just got married end of August!

Among such pivotal celebrations is another one this month on September 2nd, 2015:


New York City – JFK Airport – September 2, 1995

My brother and I took that long plane ride together from Warsaw, Poland. I remember I was under age (8 years old) and had to be accompanied by a stewardess. I didn’t know where we were going and I loved flying on a plane, as I do today. My brother and I were invited to meet the captain of the plane in his cabin (can you imagine, this is 1995!) and since it was Polish Airlines, we received the Polish Airlines model airplanes as souvenirs. Our landing in the heat of the loud and busy foot traffic of JFK airport was exciting. We had to wait for our green card to clear so we can enter the U.S. soil. The rest is 20 years of adventures….still continuing today.

What does any of this have to do with Wednesday Wellness?

Reflection my friends, reflection.

Look back and realize you HAVE LIVED AN AWESOME LIFE and whatever it is you are doing today will be a reflection and a memory of tomorrow. We cannot see the results of today until it’s the future and you can look back into the past. Because it’s almost impossible to feel and see progress happening, while it is happening. I think the level of consciousness that that requires is something we have not tapped into, yet. Or have we?

The necessity of reflection is simply to attest yourself to your progress. You ARE achieving something, you ARE accomplishing your goals. Sometimes we get impatient and want to see it all at once. There is something beautifully calming to realize, review and reflect on let’s say the past twenty years of your life. You can see yourself as someone else, living a different life to become you today. It’s amazing.

Reflection offers hope. We are ever changing beings, affected and inspired by daily events (or tweets/Facebook posts) or nature around us. Whatever it is, it is good for your mind.

If you wish something happened differently, it’s because you never learned to let go or offered forgiveness, and letting go or forgiveness is part of the reflection process.

To assist with your reflection today, I highly recommend this meditation channel, NAMASTE MY FRIENDS!

P.S, Thank you for reading – in case you are wondering, this was our wedding song:

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