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Wednesday Wellness #3: Musical Misty Moss

What constitutes as wellness? Although the more I think about it, it’s definitely a very subjective topic. What makes you feel good, is not the same for others, as it might be for you. Then how can we ultimately exchange wellness tips? I think it’s a matter of trial and error. I have tried many different methods for different ailments or rather, shall I say, for new feelings of betterment.

Basically, we all want to feel good.

Some of us feel pain in the mind, the thoughts are never ending, sour and spoiled. (Sometimes your pineal gland needs looking after, read more on that here.) Bad thoughts actually poison the body. Thus if you have bodily pains, chances are if it’s not from last night’s exercise routine, it could be your thoughts. Now how about your emotions, that part of you that makes you feel alive. There’s probably some underlying emotional buildup from somewhere in time because in this modern day and age of technology, who writes in their journals anymore? Who calls up a friend and unwinds their daily frustrations? Let’s face it, we are all of the above if not at least some of the above.

Toxic minded, filled with pain up to our knees and elbows and bleeding on the inside with emotional turmoil.

Okay, okay, maybe that’s just how I feel? So what next?

I have experienced time and time again, that my mind, body and soul can be healed through music. A while ago, I was all about meditation and still am (which is in essence music with words.) Then later on I found meditative-type music without words. I know for certain that my well-being and happiness meter increases when I listen to music. The kind of music for day is different than for night. Either way:

It is just the music and I. No other distractions.

My mind unwinds to the rhythms, my hips swing left and right and my soul feels uplifted.

I wholeheartedly believe everyone is affected by music.

What if you don’t have time for this? We are all busy.

There’s music that heals you while you sleep.

Of course, you can listen to all of the clips below during the day time, I am still an advocate for wellness and some rock ‘n’ roll dancin’ tunes, however, these particular music clips I wanted to share with you today, I have tried and best felt worked for me, while I slept.

The past couple of years and through the expansion of YouTube and WiFi combined I have been able to listen to music while I sleep via my smartphone and a bluetooth speaker. Thus not only do we all have WiFi access or a Data Plan, we have smartphones and we can easily access YouTube. Something that probably happens a lot anyway.

If we can’t escape our phones and technology, why not utilize and expand ourselves to reach higher ground.

The playlist of clips I share below are some I have been testing on myself as I fall asleep to see how these work on the mind (being a psychology major after all) and have enjoyed them greatly. I wanted to open the door for you to your own musical journey. Explore, find new pieces for yourself and perhaps, a new outlook. Most importantly increase the longevity of those feel good moments.

Whether it’s through musicians you already love, or through music such as this, the exploration of  music options is infinite.

Listening suggestions for my playlist below:

  1. If using a smartphone, best to place the phone not near your head, but rather on the side of the room or edge of the bed. Put the phone in a bowl (better sound), so you can flip it upside down and the light from the phone is not keeping you awake.

  2. If you have a way to transmit via speakers, one option is via bluetooth speakers (my favorite option as it’s versatile to move the speakers around the room.)

  3. Start with anything that sounds good to you, there’s no right or wrong.

  4. If you don’t like something, skip it! Find something better for you.

  5. Give it time, new things take time to seep in.

  6. Share your experiences!

Musical Misty Moss (Playlist)

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