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Wednesday Wellness #4: Tasty Turmeric

Well, it has been a year and a half since I have thought about Wednesday Wellness. A rather clunky, unplanned year of trial and tribulations. A few months ago a major life change happened yet again: I moved (again) from a sunny southern California life to a luscious green, balmy and rainy Oregon — where currently I am experiencing new seasons for the first time in six years.

I felt the urge to dabble again in home remedies and holistic health approaches; to return to one of my passions: discovering healthy alternatives.

A favorite of mine that I have had on a list to try is TURMERIC. The past year I have supplemented with this brand of Turmeric capsules. While great for on the go, or to pack away for travel, when I am at home I wanted to try the morning drink concoction.

I found out that buying in bulk and in powder format is more affordable. We have a local mom and pop store here where you can bring your own container and fill up by the pound. A jar of Turmeric cost me only $2.20 (see image below). This will last more than a month at least!

I like the idea of consuming it as a morning elixir to start the day. (Click here for recipe)


Originating from the southern parts of India, turmeric is actually a root. It comes from the same family of tropical plants as the Ginger root, which is why both look similar in root form, whilst TURMERIC is more of a orange-carrot color than Ginger itself, baring a faint yellow color similar to golden potatoes.

Turmeric vs Ginger

Two of my favorite turmeric uses:

  1. DYE: The original, natural dye, it has a vibrant yellow-orangey tint, think 70’s yellow.

  2. HEALING WOUNDS: The Egyptians have used it to heal wounds, maybe it’s the original Neosporin?

“Ayurvedic medicine employed Turmeric for the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems. Here it is used to treat indigestion, purify the blood and quell intestinal gas, cough and arthritis. Chinese medicine uses Turmeric for moving Qi and blood in the treatment of epigastric and abdominal pain, various menstrual irregularities and swellings and trauma.” (Click for source)

Like with anything you find on the internet, do your own research and investigation, and especially consult with your physician about trying or adding TURMERIC to your daily routine.

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